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Welcome to PrivateEquityCXO, the world’s only online platform for private equity-backed executives in the middle market.

PrivateEquityCXO is a digital membership community offering content and playbooks that help PE-backed executives drive MOIC. It also provides members access to some of the most coveted portfolio company and fund-level executive roles. PrivateEquityCXO’s mission is simple: build better teams and drive returns in the private equity-backed middle market.

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If your company is interested in reaching thousands of private equity fund and portfolio company leaders, reach out here to discuss sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

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If you are interested in posting a job on our job board reach out here to learn more. To be eligible, the position must be for a leadership role within a private equity firm or private equity-backed company based in the United States.

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If you are an executive currently in or with experience in the private equity space and would like to be a source for our articles, reports, or webinars, reach out here to connect with our content team.