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Take Your Leadership to the Next Level with The Crucible

The world of private equity is fast-paced and pressure-filled and only allows for a slim margin of error. Executives working in this space need to thrive under those conditions. Fortunately, there is now a tool that helps executives understand their compatibility with the rigors of private equity: The Crucible.

Exclusively offered to executives through PrivateEquityCXO, take The Crucible to equip yourself with its data-driven insights so you can harness and promote your individual skills and abilities that will drive private equity portfolio company success.

Unlock Your Potential in Private Equity

Based on reams of private equity-specific performance data, The Crucible is a one-of-a-kind assessment and research tool that identifies your strengths, weaknesses, and overall fit for private equity by analyzing your workstyle preferences, intellectual capacity, and behavioral tendencies. Here is how you can use these insights no matter where you are in your life cycle as a private equity-backed executive:

Looking for Your FIRST Private Equity-Backed Executive Role
  • Learn the skills and traits most important for PE operators to possess
  • Use language from your results to demonstrate your understanding of what it takes to thrive in the PE space
  • Tailor your questions during an interview to understand if your strengths are a good fit for that sponsor
  • Understand where you will need to improve to succeed and proactively begin that work
Looking for Your NEXT Private Equity-Backed Executive Role
  • Identify the strengths that helped you succeed in your last role and use that language in your next interview
  • Identify the weaknesses that may have been holding you back
  • Determine the type of sponsor you want to work with during your next turn by comparing your results to a potential sponsor's governance style
CURRENTLY in a Private Equity-Backed Executive Role
  • Lean into your strengths to help fuel success for your current portfolio company
  • Mitigate any areas of weakness by using them to identify traits you need in other members of your executive leadership team
  • Use language from your results to prepare performance reviews with your Board
What makes up the Crucible?*
The Private Equity Quotient (PEQ)
The report generates one PEQ which is an algorithmically-generated result derived from the five catalyst scores, shown as a percentile. The PEQ is indicative of the individual's potential fit in a private equity-backed portfolio company.
The Archetype
The Crucible’s powerful algorithm complements the PEQ by placing each individual into a proprietary Archetype. While the PEQ measures overall private equity potential in a more general context, the Archetype helps determine the more specific context in which an individual may be most successful.
Catalyst Score
Catalyst scores are derived from numerous Element level scores, resulting in a percentile score that indicates the strength of that catalyst across the spectrum of behavioral performance.
The Crucible provides insight into the six behavioral areas most likely to limit your upside or contribute to derailment, called Contaminants. Contaminants are most useful in helping identify developmental opportunities, and if multiple Contaminants are triggered, improvement in those areas should be prioritized.
*The chart below outlines which elements of The Crucible are including in each version of the report
What Is Included with The Crucible Report?
Crucible product comparison
Basic Report Full Report Full Report + Consulting
Five Catalysts Behavioral Map
Individual Catalyst Scores
In-Depth Catalyst Scores & Elements Analysis
1 Catalyst; 2 Elements
5 Catalysts; 15 Elements
5 Catalysts; 15 Elements
Personal Archetype Description
Archetype Grid & Detailed Analysis
Contaminants Analysis
30-Minute Bespoke Consultation with a Representative from The Crucible