PE-CXO’s Success Stories cast a spotlight on private equity-backed operators and the tools and tactics they leverage to create real value. In each entry, a leading executive details a practical solution to a critical business issue. To be featured, contact with the subject line “Success Story.”

Executive: Maria Trysla, current CRO/CMO advisor with expertise in revenue growth and market expansion. Trysla has previously served as CEO of two SaaS companies with PE investment.

Challenge: Strategic marketing leadership, efficient operations, and leveraging technology are key to delivering on ROI and measuring marketing performance. Marketing is crucial for driving growth and customer centricity, but there can be a disconnect between the CEO and CMO’s priorities.

Solution: To bridge this gap, the CMO must lead by example, take risks and embrace failure, and be data-driven. Curiosity and customer insights are also essential for success, and cross-functional teams must validate or disprove theories and market trends.

The PE-Backed Marketing Leader

PE-backed marketing leaders need to be highly focused on rapid yet sustainable growth — not only through aggressive customer acquisition strategies, but also on retention and market expansion of products and services. Marketing success demands both strategic planning and tactical execution, along with the agility to pivot quickly when things aren’t going as planned.

Marketing leaders must also navigate budget constraints and ROI expectations, which requires a keen understanding of cost-saving strategies and methods to maximize return on investment. It’s often incumbent on the marke...