Outbound demand generation is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. A key component of that strategy is sending outbound emails to prospects and customers. The problem is, the average businessperson receives 121 email messages per day, according to Campaign Monitor. It’s hard to stand out in such a crowded environment. Since many messages fail to capture attention, it’s never been more critical to develop compelling email nurture campaigns. You fill the funnel with qualified leads when you build great nurture campaigns.  
And yes, there will be more leads than you can handle.

What is an Email Nurture Campaign?

Nurturing is a series of emails that deliver timely, targeted content to a specific audience based on their online behavior. Nurture campaigns deliver relevant content that builds credibility and guides the prospect through the buying process. Effective nurturing campaigns increase engagement with prospects and keep your brand top-of-mind. This increases the overall quantity of qualified leads that convert into an active pipeline for sales.

B2B marketers all want to increase the number of generated leads in their business. Email nurture campaigns are the key to unlocking increased traffic and revenue.

Various Types of Email Nurturing Strategies

  • Engagement Content
    This is straightforward and provides immediate value to the recipient. It increases their interest and maintains their attention on your brand. An example would be an infographic or a customer case study.
  • Educational Content
    It shows prospects the benefits of your services and how you are unique when compared to the competition. Examples include white papers, solution briefs and feature demonstration videos. 
  • Active Funnel Content