CEOs ask this question consistently: “Can’t the CFO do the Sales Ops job?”

Sales Operations Leaders play a pivotal role in developing and maintaining an efficient GTM organization. They design, implement, and manage sales processes, the tech stack, and conduct analysis that propels the business. They consistently look for ways to enhance the team efficiency and drive strategic decisions. They bring scribbles on the whiteboard to reality.

However, procuring a Sales Operations Leader who is an A player is no easy task. We consistently hear the challenges in identifying and securing the right candidate. A wrong hire can be costly, and even set back the sales organization. Inaccurate data, misaligned comp plans, and an ineffective CRM structure could result in losing deals and talent. An A player delivers results and is a true partner to the sales organization. This blog will provide you the tips to ensure your next hire, is your best hire. 

Do I Even Need a Sales Operations Person?

Yes. But first, understand the difference between a Sales Ops Leader and Salesforce Administrator. The Sales Operations leader delivers an operational structure that is the cornerstone of your Go-To-Market organization. You will accelerate revenue growth with a strong foundation. An effective and pragmatic Sales Operations person provides scale and tools needed to be successful. This infographic from a survey, illustrates the role is responsible for much more than Salesforce Administration.

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