Taking charge of your career story.

When interviewing for a private equity-backed C-suite role, whether it’s your first time entering the sphere or you’re a three-time-exited pro, you need to explain your career in a way that best reflects your abilities and fits with the role and operating environment you’re considering. When crafting your career narrative, it can sometimes be challenging to know where to devote your time, what to say, and how to say it. Here’s the deal: Prioritize your accomplishments in a manner that numerically demonstrates your success and drive, and do so in a way that demonstrates integrity and your fit with both the company and the sponsor. 

Highlight Your Accomplishments Effectively

Your career history is likely full of varied roles, each with its own unique characteristics. Describing how and why you chose to change from each role to the next is important to clarifying your background and your drive. Don’t spend too much time on this for your older roles and reserve adequate time to cover your most recent roles in greater detail. 

For recent roles, you always need a developed narrative for why you left and joined positions.  This is especially true if there are any unique circumstances surrounding the job change. Crisp and clear descriptions that confidently relay exactly what you accomplished, how you got it done, and the financial results of your work, will paint a picture of your achievements and capabilities in a way that is results-driven and best demonstrates your strengths as a leader who can drive growth.   

Always ensure your narrative balances your individual success with your ability to effectively collaborate with others. Don’t begin every achievement with “I.” You don’t want to create the impression that you may not be a g...