The famous author, Seth Godin wrote, “Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” Today, companies must adapt, evolve, and plan meticulously to stay competitive and profitable. Leaders are at the helm steering their organizations through changing consumer, market, and Board expectations. To guarantee they remain on the right course, having a solid plan and budget in place is paramount for ensuring success. Enter – The BP&B Health Check The survey and guide for a better path forward. 

What is BP&B? 

Business Planning and Budgeting (BP&B) is a strategic, operational, and financial management process that organizations use to plan, allocate resources, and manage their business performance effectively. It involves creating detailed plans and budgets for various aspects of an organization’s operations, such as revenue, expenses, capital investments, and more. BP&B process and acumen are foundational capabilities, fundamental to achieving an organization’s goals and objectives. 

What is a Health Check, and Why Should Leaders Care? 

At its core, a BP&B Health Check is a benchmarking exercise that evaluates an organization’s strategic alignment and financial agility against industry standards. Unlike a critical examination of flaws, this assessment is an opportunity for innovation and growth. For visionary leaders, it provides validation on current strengths and gives you information to garner buy-in. For those seeking ...