PE-CXO’s X-Factor interviews cast a spotlight on proven private equity-backed experts and the tools and tactics they leverage to create enterprise value across a variety of business challenges. Falcon Partner Rob Huxtable recently sat down with Christian Leard, CEO at Perennials and Sutherland, to discuss the journey from a large company executive to his first PE-backed role as CEO of a mid-market company.  

Executive: Christian Leard is the CEO of Perennials and Sutherland, a manufacturer and marketer of luxury outdoor furniture, performance fabric, and rugs backed by Bertram Capital. Leard has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing.  

Challenge: Making the leap from a public company to a PE-backed mid-market leadership role: evaluating different opportunities, working with recruiters, and adjusting to the fast-paced and exit-focused PE environment.   

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