PE-CXO’s X-Factor interviews cast a spotlight on proven private equity-backed executives and the tools and tactics they leverage to create enterprise value across a variety of business challenges. Falcon partner Rob Huxtable recently sat down with Risecor President and business integration specialist Rob Rossi to discuss best practices when integrating add-on acquisitions. Below are some edited highlights from that discussion as well as a link to view the entire interview.

Executive: Rob Rossi, President, Risecor. Risecor works with private equity funds and portfolio companies to optimize platform companies and complete business integrations with their add-on acquisitions. The Risecor team has expertise in re-engineering business processes and developing the required workstreams to accomplish successful integrations. 

Challenge: Maximizing value creation and avoiding costly mistakes when integrating add-on acquisitions  

Watch the full interview:

Rob Huxtable: What do you mean when you say Risecor also focuses on “platform optimization”? 

Rob Rossi: