PE-CXO’s X-Factor interviews cast a spotlight on proven private equity-backed executives and the tools and tactics they leverage to create enterprise value across a variety of business challenges. Falcon partner Rob Huxtable recently sat down with author, speaker and performance and executive coach Andrea Petrone to discuss executive performance coaching and continuous improvement in the private equity-backed environment. 

Executive: Andrea Petrone is a Human Performance and Leadership Advisor, Executive Coach and International Speaker. He helps CEOs, CXOs and their teams to change their mindsets and master their leadership capabilities so they can achieve extraordinary performance. Petrone has been in the corporate world for more than 20 years working globally for medium-large companies. In addition to coaching and advising leaders across the globe, Petrone hosts his podcast “The World Class Leaders,” where he interviews business leaders and shares their stories, lessons and practical strategies for insights on achieving success beyond the obvious.

Challenge: The value of executive coaching in bridging the gaps between management teams and PE boards to achieve maximum results in an increasingly fast-paced environment.  

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