Partnership is the key cornerstone of corporate governance. Management teams and directors have many overlapping responsibilities — from fostering operational excellence and ensuring fiduciary responsibility to providing transparency and empowering teams to perform. CXOs and their governance teams must collaborate to lead businesses to a successful exit regardless of the economic cycle.  

Strong board governance is especially critical in the face of market volatility. Management teams and their boards of directors are facing several trends that could impact their ability to create value.  

Read below to understand how these trending key concerns for boards may impact your business.  

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Macroeconomic headwinds will impact business growth

 Despite macroeconomic uncertainty, 83% of executives are focusing business strategy on growth as they confront today’s economic challenges.

PwC Survey

The recent pandemic underscored the importance of hiring the right managers to lead during unprecedented times. Due to today’s inflationary and high-interest environment, boards and management teams will have to work closely together to consistently and proactively assess the financial and operational well-being of their portfolio  companies against a backdrop of fast-changing scenarios. Balance sheet scrutiny and risk management will c...