PE-CXO’s Success Stories cast a spotlight on private equity-backed operators and the tools and tactics they leverage to create real value. In each entry, a leading executive details a practical solution to a critical business issue. To be featured, contact with the subject line “Success Story.” 

Executive: Marc Bloomstein, previous COO and current advisor with experience in PE-backed and turnaround businesses focused on unleashing sales and profit potential buried within data for family, PE-backed, and food organizations.  

Challenge: Unleashing profit potential buried in data requires an understanding of root causes driving sales and growth, even if they’re no longer present in the business. Leaders need accurate data to make informed decisions, but data is often inaccurate or inconsistent with the larger picture for the organization.  

Solution: Leaders must ensure financial systems align with the current business strategy and be familiar with the latest technological data tools in that specific industry in order to make expeditious business decisions based on the latest insights. These tools provide the agility and flexibility essential to drive growth, especially when adapting to changing investment theses and external factors.  

Finding Profit Potential Buried in Data 

Discovering profit potential buried in data requires a deep understanding of the sales and profit drivers within a business.  

Sometimes, that knowledge can be counterintuitive with initial assumptions. For example, when a food manufacturer was undergoing challenging times, initial data appeared ...