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PE-CXO Resume Guide
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Create a private equity-grade resume with advice directly from the source: private equity firms and recruiters. This guide delivers step-by-step instructions to craft your resume and ensure you maximize your first impression with private equity hiring teams.

Product Information

Our team at PrivateEquityCXO has reviewed thousands of resumes and placed hundreds of candidates in roles with private equity-backed businesses. We took what we have learned over the last decade working with top private equity firms and distilled that knowledge into a robust step-by-step guide to crafting your resume. 

Whether you are actively looking for a private equity-backed role or want your resume to meet the standards of one of the most rigorous asset classes, this guide will help you upgrade your resume presentation. 

Your PE-CXO Resume Guide download will include:

·      An introduction to how private equity firms and recruiters review candidate resumes

·      Pieces of information that are critical to include, optional, or ill-advised

·      Guidance on special Edge Cases to cover a broad spectrum of experiences

·      Advice on how to cover career transitions and gaps

·      Must-have value creation levers for the entire Executive Leadership Team

·      Word choice and formatting recommendations

Do not let your next job application go unnoticed. Upgrade your resume today!

This guide was produced in partnership with:
Falcon - The Private Equity Talent Platform

Centrae - Revenue Growth Platform for Private Equity

Pages: 30
Format: PDF
Edition: First
Language: English