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Featured Article
Sample Due Diligence Checklist: Are You Data Room Ready?
Featured Article
Adapting Career Plans: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
How current economic trends are impacting executive compensation and career trajectories
Featured Article
Using PE-CXO's Nine Dimensions of Governance Fit® as a Diligence Tool
Finding a good fit with a prospective sponsor can be the hardest part of diligence. Our proprietary tool, the Nine Dimensions of Governance Fit®, is here to help you assess sponsors when searching for your next PE-backed executive role.
Featured Article
The X-Factor: Transformational Growth Mindset — The 6 Pillars of M&A Success
One CEO shares the Six Pillars of M&A Success: Strategy, Arbitrage, Synergy, White Space, New Product Development, and Future M&A Opportunities.
Business Management
Team Leadership
Maximize the Effectiveness of an External Audit
The greatest challenge of an audit is that other demands do not cease to accommodate it.
February 01, 2021 5 min read
Sponsor Relations
Team Leadership
How Private Equity Sponsors Can Maximize Their Talent Acquisition Efforts
The amount of time spent aligning on target expectations is often inadequately thin.
February 01, 2021 4 min read